Classroom Guidelines

Follow these guidelines while in class.

  • Standard school attire will be enforced. for description of SSA
  • No usage of electronic devices; this includes, but is not limited to, cell phones, Ipods, mp3 players, PSPs (or any other portable gaming device), cameras, CD players or radios
  • No foul language
  • Food and drink will be allowed under the following conditions only
    • Classroom must remain clean at all times
    • No hot food
  • Respect each other and the teacher at all times.  It is ok to have a grievance or difference of opinion.  It is not ok to be confrontational or obnoxious.
  • Be on time every day
    • 1st tardy - verbal warning
    • 2nd tardy - verbal warning and a call to your home
    • 3rd tardy - referral slip and a call to your home
    • 4th tardy and after - immediate referral slip (usually warrants ISS or OSS)
  • Bring all materials to class everyday.  The teacher will not supply pens, pencils, or paper
  • Violence, or threats of vilolence, even if you're "just joking," will not be tolerated at any level.

Acceptable Cell Phone Usage as perscribed by Metro Nashville Board of Education

The new policy allows students to use personal technology during hours of lunch and transition. These devices are not to be used during instructional hours unless it is used as an aid to classroom instruction. This will be determined by the classroom teacher and building administrator, not the student.