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9/22 & 9/23

Chapter 2, Section 3 – The Hebrews and Judaism The Early Hebrews1.     The Hebrews were ancestors of whom?2.     About when did the Hebrews move into the Fertile Crescent?3.     What is Judaism?4.     The writings of Judaism became the foundation for what?The Hebrew Fathers5.     What is the Torah?6.     The Hebrew Bible is called what in the Christian Bible?7.     The Torah traces Hebrews back to Abraham.  Give two details about Abraham.8.     God made a covenant with Abraham.  What is a covenant?9.     God promised what?10.            What was the name of the land to which God led Abraham?11.            Why were the tribes called the Twelve Tribes of Israel?12.            Abraham, Jacob, and Isaac were patriarchs.  What is a patriarch?13.            Why did some Israelites go to Egypt?14.            The pharaoh began to fear what?15.            What did the pharaoh do to prevent an uprising?Moses and the Exodus16.            Who was the leader who rose among the Israelites and what did God tell him to do?17.            The pharaoh refused to grant the demands of Moses so how, according to the Torah, did God respond?18.            What was the Exodus?19.            What did the Israelites believe about these events?20.            How do Jews remember the Exodus today?21.            What happened on the mountain Sinai?22.            Describe the new covenant that the Israelites made with God.The Promised Land23.            How long did the Israelites wander in the desert?24.            What happened as a result of other people living in Canaan and what did this land become known as?The Kingdom of Israel25.            The Israelites were scattered communities.  How did they organize?26.            Who enforced the laws?  Why these people?27.            What were prophets and what was their goal?Saul, David, and Solomon28.            What happened in the 1000s B.C. and what resulted from it?29.            Who was Israel’s first king?30.            Describe Saul and how the people reacted to him.31.            Who was Israel’s second king?32.            Describe David and how the people reacted to him.33.            List two achievements under Solomon, David’s son.Division and Conquest34.            What happened in 931 B.C. and what were the names of the two kingdoms?35.            What happened to Israel in 722 B.C?36.            What happened to Judah in 586 B.C.?37.            List two things the Chaldeans did.38.            The Babylonian Captivity began the Diaspora.  What was the Diaspora?39.            Who conquered the Chaldeans and what did they do for the Jews?The Teachings of Judaism40.            How important was religion?Belief in One God41.            What is monotheism?42.            Why did monotheism set the Jews apart from the rest of the ancient world and what do many scholars believe about Judaism?Justice and Righteousness43.            What does “being just” mean to the Jews?44.            What does “being righteous” refer to?45.            What is a code of ethics?46.            Give four examples.47.            This Jewish ethical tradition combined with Christianity and became known as what?Obedience to the Law48.            What are the most important laws in Judaism?49.            What is the whole system of laws called?50.            What do they call food that is prepared according to Mosaic law?Jewish Sacred Texts51.            The most sacred text is what?52.            What are the other two sections called and what is each about?53.            Another sacred text is the Talmud.  What is the Talmud?54.            What was the effect of belief in these sacred texts?