English 10 - Ms. Longabucco

"Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire." 

-William Butler Yeats 

Welcome to English 10!

This class will be a thought-provoking and fun group effort. Our goal will be to not only learn about the awesome literary works we read, but to also learn from these texts, as well as one another's insights. Together, we will strive to better understand three things:

1. Ourselves

2. Our world

3. Our relationship to our world 

We will examine a wide range of novels, plays, short stories, poems, and articles, as well as a memoir. Through a multicultural lens, we will discuss prominent societal issues and develop perspectives on them. As you come to a better understanding of literature and its purpose - as well as your own - you will sharpen your speaking, listening, and writing skills.

To achieve our goal, we will need to create an accepting classroom environment where everyone feels welcome to participate. You will all have great ideas worth sharing, and exchanging these ideas will be an integral part of our curriculum. Also, do not hesitate to seek help from me, whether you have a question about class or something outside of school. I'm here to help!

The syllabus is available as one of the blue links in the upper lefthand corner of this page. Among those links, you can also find a little bit about me and my contact information.  

I look forward to an enthusiastic, dynamic year with all of you!