About the Teacher

About the Teacher

Name: Rina Mamdouh

School: HSA3

Grade: 2nd Grade CTT

I received a Bachelor degree in political science and global studies from Stony Brook University.  I spent a lot of time traveling and volunteering during college.  After college, I worked in a civil litigation firm for two years.  Following that, I began substitute teaching in New York City.  Two years ago I began pursuing a Master degree in Special Education with a concentration in learning disabilities.  

Some of my hobbies include reading, traveling, ice-skating and skiing.  I prefer warm weather and love to go to the beach, but I don't know how to swim.  Many of my family members live in Egypt so it is where I prefer to spend most of my summers.   

I've been teaching at a charter school for two years.  I've worked with kindergarten, first and second grades.  Last year, I taught guided reading and social studies to second graders.  This year, I will be the special education teacher in a CTT classroom.  My mission is to build a student-centered classroom where students feel ownership of their learning and environment.