Ms. Morris's Amazing 8th Grade Classroom

Homework: 11/12/12- Continue to edit your rough draft for the diversity activity. Complete one current event article review within the blog.

                           11/13/12- Continue to edit your rough draft for the diversity activity.

                          11/14/12- Continue to edit your rough draft. Read chapter 5 and answer the content knowledge questions 1-5

Reminders: This is the last week to edit your rough drafts. It is due on thursday this week and we will be peer editing this day. Also, please update your responses within the blog. Some of you have not been responding to others articles.

Announcments: Parents, please do not forget our thanksgiving lunch is coming up. Next Monday, we will be having turkey, mashed potatoes, and all the extras. Remember you are invited to have lunch

Community: The Boys & Girls Club of America will be hosting a fundraiser at the community center for a new playground. There will be music, face painting, carnival games, a bake sale, and more!

                             The annual "Big Ball" tournament will be held on 11/23/12! Create your team, or come out and join the fun as a great way to raise money for the local fire department.

Feel free to contact me at anytime! I will be updating the site each week :)