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Please note:  We are taking our spelling test on the computer using the Spelling City website.

My spelling words are available at:
To locate a list, 1) click on the tab "Find A List" (it is under the title of the page,Vocabulary Spelling City.Com; 2) in the text box "enter search term" type munson (not case sensitive); 3) scroll through all the teachers with that last name, and click on Randie Munson; 4) scroll down until you find the correct lesson and 5) click on it....and there are my spelling lists.  Students can practice their spelling words in many ways. 

As we have time continue learning High Frequency Words.

I started reviewing "high frequency words," sometimes called "sight words."  I was seeing a lot of these words misspelled or misused.  Each student will review the ones they individually miss on the review test, and focus on "relearning" these words



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Students will be able to continue on Raz-Kids, until the new school year keep reading!



Reading Log with Math Mintues

Some student have not been returning their reading log....this IS affecting their reading grade...reading home is required third grade homework.  The signed reading log is proof this reading home is being completed.


Please, parents don't forget to sign your child's

reading log/math minutes sheet.



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Access your child's EnVision Math book on-line at:



PARENTS...EVEN over the summer CONTINUE reviewing ALL flash cards with your child on a regular basis, this will help them in fourth grade!

IF you do not have a set of flashcards, you can go to the following links and print off FREE flashcards :-)

FREE addition flashcards.


FREE subtraction flashcards.


FREE multiplication flashcards.


FREE division flashcards.



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The Biology of Plants


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