Delware - Daniel

Beginning of New Sweden

Delaware was founded by William Penn in 1638 after a 4-month journey. He established the colony New Sweden for Sweden. The first settlement was named “The Rocks” on the Christina River. Then a fort was built to be Fort Christina after the Swedish Queen.

Picture of Delaware

Fort Christina


Fort Cristina was one of the best locations for trade because they had control of the west by having a water connection through the Delaware River and Delaware Bay where they could trade with Virginia in very little time. Most trade items of New Sweden were Food and Lumber. Most of the food was fish. The Swedish fished mostly at Delaware Bay.

Who’s Allies and Who’s Enemies and Who’s Losing

The Dutch were allies with some Native American Indian Tribes, that connections  were very strong by Fur Trade. Tribes who used to be friends are now Enemies. The Mohicans and the Lenape started a war among them selves. The Swedish sold all their land Accidently and asked for the land back but the Native Americans Replied with we must move on.. So the Swedish and some other Indians moved west with them.

Fort being attacked