William Penn                                                                                              In the colonial times we had COLONIES .THE PENNSYLVANIA COLONY WAS FOUNDED BY WILLIAM PENN

PENN HAD FOUNDED THE COLONY IN 1682 AND GOT THE COLONY BY MAKING PEACE WITH THE INDIANS AND king charles owed his father money save william the land to penn also he had no trouble with the other people around him  .

     THE PENNSYLVANIA COLONY                                                              This is the Pennsylvania colony .In the Pennsylvania colony since they were right by the Atlantic Ocean they would trade with their tabacco use  their boats to trade with England and England would give them food in exchange for their goods.

     Why William Penn Made His Colony                                         In the Pennsylvania colony William Penn would let all types of religions in  his colony and William Penn was a Quaker .He wanted to make a colony out of brotherly love and religious tolerance  .So when he made his colony he made a peace agreement with the Native Americans and wrote the Charter of Liberties .