Maryland was founded in 1634 by King Charles.

The first settlement was in 1634 when the first settlers arrived. They called it St.Mary’s.

Tobacco was a very popular crop in Maryland especially because it was very plentiful and easy to grow.

Maryland didn’t have a particular religion. All of the Christians were granted freedom of religion.

Some rules were: Disobeying parents, abusing parents, manslaughter, cheating, greed, teaching false learning’s and milking a neighbor’s cow without permission. Some other laws like the following can get you rod/ whip penalties: Arrive late to church, eating before church, cursing the weather, lying, cussing and misusing God’s words.

Maryland had 3 beautiful geographical features plain, hills and mountains.                                                                                          

Maryland did trade. They traded with England and islands around Maryland


In the new world women would mostly cook and wash clothes. Men would hunt , protect the colony and took care of still living animals.