New York - Zach

New York

Finding of New York

New York was found in 1626 by Peter Minuit. Peter Minuit was a large man, in middle age, whose hair was turning grey and eyes of black. He had manners not so well.

Religion of New York

The religion of New York was mostly Protestantism. Protestantism is Roman Catholicism, Catholic, Dutch and English.

Traded and Main Crop

Wheat was are main crop and we made bread baskets. We traded bread or wheat for fur and money “riches.”


Geographical Features

The geographical features are some coast mountains and Lake Chautqua, Oneida Lake, George Lake and Lake Ontario. Those are some of the few lakes of thousands in Colonial New York.


Jobs For Men and Boys

The men and boys work to for the colony are farming in soil, Blacksmithing, Cash Crops, Fur Trapping and trading, subsistence farming and Ship builders.


Jobs for Women and Girls

The woman in the colony would cook, Clean and make bread baskets ect.



When the rules are broken inn the colony the punishments would be crime murder, If they stole the would have a letter “T” on their hand so when they shake hands the other person would know, If the women talked back to their husband they would go to the ducking stool and If they beat their wife they would wear a stocks around their neck so people would know to throw mud at them and tease them.


The ruler between 1650 and 1700 was the Duke ok York.


Peace or Not

The Colonial New York got along with the Indian so their was no fighting except the diseases.