Assignment - Group Presentations

Human Anatomy PowerPoint Presentations

Learning objectives:  Students will be able to identify major body systems and their functions, including the circulatory system, respiratory system, excretory system, and reproductive system.

  • Students will be informed of the requirements of the Power Point presentation. Students will use one "Human Body Systems Worksheet" to guide their research for each body system. Students will be provided with a list of "Teacher Approved Sites."
  • Students will complete a Student/Teacher Evaluation Rubric upon completion of the Power Point assignment. The teacher will complete the teacher portion of this sheet during the presentation.
  • Students will save their presentations to disk or disk drive to present in the classroom, for the entire class. Students having computer access at home may save a copy of the powerpoint presentations to use as a study guide for unit assessment. Students who do not have computer access at home will make a hard copy of their presentation to use as a study guide.