Fall 2021 Riddles

Egg Art

So, here you are for a riddle's clue
Glad to hear it, good for you.

Never assume they stay the same,
Changing places is the name of this game.

These clues will help you track down a teacher - or two.
When you find them, ask for a clue.

If you just don't know what to do, spend some time searching anew.
Dewey is gone but we have his heir, look round here for something to share.


The next one

Alfalfa's not my name, but come close for physics all the same.


Another place to go for a riddle

When high speed police cars enter a race, they often call this a _______________.

Here's one that can be a boon for you.

I teach when I sing, and when I talk
Around the corner I go for a walk.
My neighboring teacher you met just last week,
For geniuses' games I often seek.



When the answer you think you've found,

talk to Mr. Robbins for a reward most sound.