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Class Syllabus

Emergency supplies
Please, use these only if needed occasionally.

Lined paper

Graph paper

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This is the class web site for History 8-1 from
Mr. Robbins at Madison Junior High School.

Jefferson Memorial




About your novel:

  • Take good care of it.
  • Read it.
  • Enjoy it.

About your hall pass:

Keep your hall pass. You don't get a second one, and it could be worth extra credit at the end of the trimester - depending on how often you use it.

Online Textbook > Click here.


Educational Cartoon


Assignment Number & Name   Links
Use the links below to go to the web page for that assignment.
   The Course Assessment   Quiz Star   Nov. 20
   One, Roots of America   Click here  

Nov. 22

   Two, Europeans Come to the Americas   Click here   Dec. 4



Journal Items

Remember -

  • We read and summarize a reading selection for your journal every day.
  • You will submit your journal entries from each week Friday. Please, submit only the items for that week each Friday.
  • You will keep your journal entries on 8 1/2" x 11" three hole punch paper.
  • When your journal entries are returned, keep them in your class binder.

The links to the journal entries we use for each day are found in the right hand column of this table. There are also extra copies of the articles from each day in the blue out box.

If you want to see an example of how your journals should be formatted, click here.

To view the PowerPoint about plagiarism and journal entries we used at the beginning of class, click here.


Week ending November 22

  • Abut

Week ending November 26

  • Ultimatum
  • Pontificate

Week ending December 4

  • Holy Relic
  • Venerate






 Link to the article for the day 

For the week ending November 22

11/21 13-year-old WWII Vet
11/22  Canadian Border Towns

For the week ending November 26
11/25 Anglo-Saxon Burial
11/26 Requiremento 1510

For the week ending Dec. 6
12/02 Manger Relic
12/03 Mayflower Compact
12/04 Viking Ship
12/05 Civil War Hair Dye
12/06 Day of Infamy Speech


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