History 8-2, Assignment Five, Changes Under Charlemagne

Assignment Five
Changes Under Charlemagne

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In the 800s Emperor Charlemagne created the Holy Roman Empire in western and northern Europe.

He created radical political and cultural changes, but they did not survive all that much longer than he did.Charlemagne


After the collapse of the Roman Empire, Europe fell into a mess. Small kingdoms could not protect themselves from marauders from Asia and northern Europe. Even the power ful kings of the time could not hold Europe and the Church together very long.

Charlemagne wanted to change Europe forever. In some ways he did because he created the Holy Roman Empire, but in the larger ways, his changes fell short of his dream. During his life and for a few years that followed, changes to the feudal way of life grew. This time period is called the Carolingian Renaissance - or the Renaissance of Charlemagne.


Students will identify and describe portions of Charlemagne's influence on the modern world

Essential questions

How did culture and learning change because of Charlemagne?

What was his dream of the Holy Roman Empire?

How did the reality of his time and his dream match and not match?

Special instructions

You are going to create a partial biography of Charlemagne. You will be assigned to one of the four areas listed below. You will work with your team to answer the following questions;

How did Charlemagne change what had gone on before him the area of ____________ .

What did he want to achieve?

What did he do to accomplish that change?

How did these changes carry on after his death?

Here are the four areas:

Group One - The relationship between his political rule and the Catholic Church

Group Two - His desire to improve education

Group Three - His desire to unite Europe as far as he could under one kingdom - The Holy Roman Empire

Group Four - How he changed the culture of Europe

Group One Members





Group Two Members





Group Three Members





Group Four Members





You need to assemble your answer into a Google slide show of about 10 to 15 slides. You will then present it to the class and we will link it back to your group on this page.


Printed files

Here is a link to the essential information about Charlemagne.

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The Carolingian Renaissance

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