History 8-2, Assignment Nine, Civil War Timeline and Events


Assignment Nine
Civil War Timeline and Events

Deadline, May 13, 80 points

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How did selected people, laws, places,
and events shape the Civil War?

Civil War Battle Photo

Andersonville Prison

Custer sits with a prisoner of war

Lt. James B. Washington, a Confederate prisoner, with Capt. George A. Custer




The Civil War was America's bloodiest and most costly conflict. Just try to imagine a war today that cost the lives of seven million young American men. It's almost impossible to set the losses of the Civil War in a modern context. The toll is almost inconceivable. And yet, that would be about the same percentage of loss of life the nation suffered during the Civil War.

That said, I believe historians and history teachers to focus solely on the battles of the Civil War. The battles are an important part of the history, to be sure, but the scope of the war went beyond the battle places and names that still ring down through our history. I don't believe there was a single American at the time whose life was not touched by the war. I also believe that we live in the legacy of that war today. So, I want to explore a few parts of the war beyond the battlefields - important as they are - and look at lives and living for Americans.

Remember what I said in class - there is no way to categorize or measure all the effects of the Civil War. They are still with us today, but at the time, the death, injuries, infections, financial costs, loss of opportunities, and destroyed lands and farms crippled a nation in ways we can't really conceptualize.

I've assembled a few points to study for this assignment. I tried to create a collection of accounts and people that can serve to help you understand the depth and breadth of the war.


For this assignment you will create a series of entries about events, people, and locations of the Civil War. Each entry will answer the questions that apply to it. Be sure to check the list below.

I suggest you create this as a Google doc, but you can handwrite it if you choose.

With each entry, enter it on your timeline, and title it with the event, person, political event, or location that applies to it.

Here is the list of entries. I will add to it as we continue along with the assignment.

  1. The Battle of Fredericksburg
  2. Civil War prisons
  3. Oliver Wendell Holmes
  4. The Battle of Chancellorsville
  5. The Battle of Gettysburg
  6. The Battle of Vicksburg
  7. Sherman's March to the Sea
  8. California During the Civil War
  9. The Homestead Act
  10. The 13th Amendment
  11. Desertion
  12. Creation of West Virginia




Special instructions

  • TBA


For each battle entry include the following:

  1. What factors led up to the battle?
  2. Was it a Confederate or Union victory?  Is the outcome undetermined?
  3. What role did the physical terrain play in the battle?
  4. Who were the commanders involved - on both sides?
  5. What makes this battle relevant to the outcome of the larger war?
  6. Include a brief summary of the overall battle. This should be a paragraph or two.

For each political entry include the following:

  1. What was the name of the act or action?
  2. Who sponsored it? Why?
  3. What was the intended outcome?
  4. Did the actual outcome match the intended outcome? Why or why not?
  5. A brief summary of the overall act or action?

For each biographical entry include the following:

  1. What is the name of the person?
  2. What is their basic biographical information? Birth, election, death, etc.
  3. Why were they important to the story of the Civil War?
  4. Include a brief summary of their legacy. Simply put, why do we still tell their story today?

For each location include the following:

  1. What was the name of the location?
  2. Why is it remembered today? Hint > That's usually because of a controversy of some kind.
  3. How is it connected to history?
  4. Did the location's actual use match its intended use?
  5. A brief summary of the location and what makes it significant.


If you're interested, you might do some exploring.





Printed files

Click here to open a copy of the printed Civil War Timeline and Journal.

Media files

Click here to view the video we used in class about the Battle of Fredericksburg.

Online files

Chapter 23 of the online textbook.


Click here to open an interactive site about the Battle of Fredericksburg.


Civil War Prisons (Select One)

Libby Prison
Libby Prison


Click on the links below to learn about Civil War prisons

1,   2,   3

1,   2,   3

Bell Isle
1,   2,   3

A brief overview of Civil War prisons


Oliver Wendell Holmes

Click below for life information about Oliver Wendell Holmes.

12,   3,   4

Click here to view the Memorial Day speech by Oliver Wendell Holmes.


1,   2,   3,   Video,   Death of Jackson

1,   2,   3,    Virtual Tour,   Animated Map

1,   2,   3,   Animated Map

Sherman's March to the Sea
1,   2,   3


California During the Civil War
1,   2,   3   Power Point


The Homestead Act
1,   2,   3


The 13th Amendment
1,   2,   3   Video


1,   2,   3


The Creation of West Virginia
1,   2,   3