History 8-2, Assignment Nine, Famous Personalities of the Rock Era




Assignment Nine
Famous Personalities of the Rock Era

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How did rock and roll affect our era?

rock and roll legends     




If you spend much time around around music, you'll know the world changed with the era of rock and roll. In this assignment we are going to select a person from the era of rock and roll and learn a little more about them.


Students will identify and describe the significant contributions of one of the legends of rock and roll.

Essential questions

How did your rock and roll legend change the world of music?

Give a brief biography of the musician.

What was their musical background?

What were their most famous contributions to music?

How long were they recording?

Special instructions

Select one of the legends of rock and roll. You can choose your own, or use the list located here for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Identify the answers to the above questions as they relate to your rock and roll legend.

Create a simple Google Doc to answer the questions.

Submit the URL for your Google doc by email to robbinsr@msd321.com



Shelby, Elexis, Bob Marley

Ikaika, Joe, AC/DC

Tyleigh, Ellie, (Who is not obsessed with Mendes) The Beatles

Robert, Queen

Jaxon, Johnny Cash

Jacob, Jared, The Beach Boys

Logan, Jacob, Michael Jackson






Printed files

There is no printed link for this assignment. You will create a document that answers the questions listed under the Spercial Instructions. The document needs to be a Google doc, but you chan choose any format you like.


Media files


Online files



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