History 8-2, Assignment Seven, Famous Composer Biography

Assignment Six
Famous Composers

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The explosion in music from about 1740 to 1880 still astounds the world. Why?

beethoven  mozart   bach




Students will identify and describe the significant impacts of their assigned scientist or artist.

Essential questions

How did the Renaissance affect our world?

Special instructions

You are going to create a biography of one of the famous composers listed below.

You need to answer the following questions:

  1. Life sketch information. When and where were they born? Describe their professional life. What were the circumstances of their life?
  2. For what were they best known?
  3. Why?
  4. Who were their sponsor(s)?
  5. What controversies did they see in their lives? Why?

List of Composers

Bach, Kolby, Kollin

Hadyn, Shelby

Mozart, Ellie, Tyleigh

Mozart, Jaxon

Salieri, Kyle

Beethoven, Jared

Mendelssohn, Buddy

Chopin, Logan

Schuman., Robert

Schubert, Elexis

Tchaikovsky, Ikaika, Joe

Your biography can be either written as a document or assembled as a slide show. If you create a slide show, email it to me. If you create a document, print it and send it in.


Does the biography answer the key questions?
Points 0-40

Is the information well organized?
Points 0-30

Is the presentation accurate and easy to follow?
Points 0-30

You need to assemble your answer into a Google slide show of about 8 to 10 slides. Your presentation should be limited to about 10 minutes.


Printed files

Media files

Online files

Here is a great collection of composer biographies.

This is another very good collection of biographies.

Sound files