Look around 2

Clue #6 This vote came near to breaking our talk. Our friends from the South did not want to balk. With 60% hanging out in the air, we came to agree, but was it quite fair? What was it?


Clue #10

Smart, yes, they said I was. At least for heating, I helped the cause.



And for seeing I made a change. Some new glasses to bring things to range.

Who am I?


For looking below, this link you should know.


Clue #11

Next to the General stood I, when my time to sign, finally drew nigh. Who am I?


Clue #12

O'er the wise man's shoulder I solemnly stare, even though my state fellows were not there. Who am I?


Clue #13

President of the Confederation Congress I was, oft I sat in the chair at the head of our cause. In Christy’s painting I stand far away, yet was not always so. Who Am I?