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Practical digital skills for teachers - another approach to PowerPoint

Another approach to PowerPoint


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This page basically focuses on general issues related to technology and digitally presented media I have helped fellow teachers overcome. Many of these problems can be obviated by following a few simple practices.

Essential Questions

How can I create simple and effective Power Point presentations?

How can I avoid conflicts with fonts and photos in my presentations?

Work Flow for this exercise

To get started you need to copy the list below.


Any form of rock is exposed on the surface of the earth.


Exposed rock is subject to forces like wind, rain, and freezing.


The sediments that form from these actions are often carried to other places by the wind, running water, and gravity.  As they travel they lose energy and settle to earth’s surface.


Lithification is the changing of sediments into rock. There are two processes involved in this change. They are compaction and cementation.

Paste the list onto one slide in a PowerPoint presentation. Be sure to format the text so that the auto fill text feature DOES NOT engage.

Follow the in-class prompts to create a sequential set of slides and insert hyperlinks into your PowerPoint presentations.





Demonstrations and Links


Here is a sample PowerPoint with about Thomas Jefferson's presidency. 

Here's a handy link for tips about how to make your PowerPoints work better.



Get 2 Months for $5!