Social Studies 7A, Assignment One, Geography Terms


Assignment One
Geography Terms and Measuring the Earth

Deadline for this unit, August 28

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How do we measure the earth?
How do geographical terms help us?

What are the themes of geography?

The earth from space



Understanding how we measure the earth and the vocabulary we use to describe it is the most fundamental step in beginning a study of geography. We will use this activity to begin our understanding of these terms and to see some examplefs of how it all fits together.

Unit Objectives

Students will identify and explain the use of the common measurements of the surface of the earth and common geographical terms.

Students will begin to develop a working knowledge of the five themes of geography.

Students will develop a basic understanding of land form vocabulary used in the study of geography.

Essential questions

How can I know where I am?

How can I share that information with others?

How can I use common geographical terms to share information with others?

How can I explain various parts of the earth to others?

What do the five themes of geography mean and how can they help me understand the Earth?

Special instructions

Please refer to the attached handouts for information.
You will need to use the in-class notes, PowerPoints, and article files to complete this assignment. All the files we use in class are also linked to Links panel at the right side of this page.


See the handouts.



Printed files

Click here to view the first handouts you received in class for this packet.

Online files

Here is an excellent glossary of georgraphical terms. It is a little lengthy, but it's very good.

Here is another very good glossary of terms.

If you want to look up voabulary about geograpnic and scientific terms, this is an excellent place hosted by National Geographic,

Here is a glossary of common landform vocabulary.

Here is the link to the PowerPoint file used in class at the start of the unit.

Here is the second PowerPoint we used in class.

Here is the PowerPoint about the themes of geography.

Here is a link to the latitude and longitude finder site.

Sound files

Not appliclabe.

Article files

Maps, Mapping and Location

Other Lines and Axial Tilt