Social Studies 7A, Assignment Thirteen, Northern Europe

Packet Two
Northern Europe

Deadline, Sept.6 >> Note the deadline change.
And >> The newspaper articles are not due until the next packet. However, if you turn them in by 9/6, you will receive extra credit.

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What can we learn about Northern Europe?

Norway scenery




Scandinavia is a modern day success story in many ways. Despite the cold climate, the nations located there are doing quite well. We are going to look at some of these facts about northern Europe.


Students will identify the key vocabulary terms associated with northern Europe.

Essential questions

See the handout.

Special instructions

For this assignment you will use pages 281 - 285 in your book and the online files linked to this page in the right column.





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Online files

Click here for the National Geographic guide to Sweden.

Click here for the National Geographic guide to Norway.

Click here fo the National Geographic guide to Denmark.

Click here for a very good encyclopedia entry about Scandinavia.


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