Social Studies 7A, Packet Eight, Test

Packet Eight
The Pacific Islands of Oceania
80 points, Deadline 11/21

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What are the physical characteristics of the Pacific Islands of Oceania?

What challenges are islands in the region facing?

What is the immediate history of the region?

What are the human - environment interaction patterns in the region?





The Pacific Islands of Oceania are like nowhere else on earth. They are the most distant parts of the globe that are home to moderately large human populations. They are the subject of intense scrutiny by China because China wants to expand its influence in the region. They are also occupied by many distinct cultures and governmental entities.




Essential questions

  1. How does the geology of the Pacific Islands of Oceania affect the ways people live there?
  2. What are some of the unique characteristics of the regions?


Selected Island Groups and Nations

  • Easter Island, Kesli, Kalli
  • Guam, Kaitlyn, Alyssa
  • Tonga, Bea, Brynnley
  • Papua New Guinea, Bradley, Paul
  • Kinghorn, Sebastion, Maya
  • New Zealand, halle
  • Vanuatua, Brand'n, Angel
  • Tahiti,, Eva, Alyssa
  • Kiribati, Abbie
  • Chatham Islands, Capri, Vincent
  • ?, Josh, Max






Printed files


Online files

Click here to access the World Population Review website.

Click here to view the physical characteristics web page about Oceania. Remember, we are talking about the Pacific Islands of Oceania - outside Australia.

Click here for a quick introduction to Oceania.

Click here for the NOAA webpage about tsunamis.

To see the Geogrraphy Now! video about Oceania, click here.

Click here to open a brief description of the five themes of geography.

For an overview of the nations and island groups in Oceania, click here.

Here is a pretty good reference map of the Pacific Islands of Oceania.

Click here to view the PowerPoint we viewed in class about the Pacific islands of Oceania.