Social Studies 7A, Packet Seven, Scandinavia and the Baltic Region


Packet Seven
Scandinavia and the Baltic Region

Due, Oct. 16, 160 points

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How does the physical and political geography of Scanidnavia and the Baltic region fit with Europe?

Baltic Coast



We are going to look at how the physical and political georgraphy of Scandinavia and the Baltic region fits with the rest of Europe. This is a land of great changes in land and climate. Just how that transitions into the more moderate climates and landforms of the rest of Europe will be what we study.


Students will create a series of works demonstrating their understanding of the physical and political geography of Scandinavia and the Baltic region.


Essential questions.

How does the physical and political geography of the Baltic States fit with the rest of northern Europe? How do they differ?

How has recent history affected the Baltic States?

How do the economies of the Baltic States compare with their neighboring states?



This packet will consist of three parts. Make sure you include them all when submit it.

Part One - The map of Scandinavia, the Baltic states, and northern Europe.

Part Two - The notes from the PowerPoint about the Baltic Sea.

Part Three - The comparative graphs and essay questions. They will be linked to this page soon. For now, use the copy you received in class. You will use the CIA World Factbook for your information. All of the graph data is in the Economy section.



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Printed files

Click here for a copy of the mapping assignment that  goes with this unit.

Click here for the assignment instructions that accompany this unit.

Online files

Detailed map of Germany

Detailed map of Norway

Detailed map of Sweden

Detailed map of Finland

Detailed map of the Baltic States

CIA World Factbook

Large map of Scanidnavia and the Baltic Sea

Here is a link to the assignment sheet describing the chart making activity part of this packet.

To view the PowerPoint file about the Baltic Sea we used in class as part of this packet, click here.

Challenges facing the Baltic states and Scandinavia

1, 2, 3

Here is an excellent link about pollution in the Baltic Sea.

Refugees in Scanndinavia

1, 2

Click here for a large, low detailed map of Europe.

Sound files

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