Social Studies 7A, Packet Six, Southern Europe

Packet Six
Southern Europe

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What are the physical characteristics of southern Europe and Mediterranean regions?

What challenges are nations in the region facing?








Essential questions

  1. How does (your topic) relate to the (culture, geography, recent history) of the nation(s) you chose?
  2. Why did you choose this topic? What about it interested you? 
  3. What information do you choose to share? This is where you will include your copy or stories. Your copy should be printed out, avoid handwriting if it is possible.
  4. What do you want to illustrate about your topic? This could include charts, graphs or other examples. You need to include at least three graphics or images that help us understand what you have learned about your topic.
  5. You need to create a summary paragraph about how your topic has affected the nation you are studying and other nations nearby. 


Links to class presentations

Capri, Portugal
Paul, Portugal
Halle, Spain

Josh, Albania
Brand'n, Croatia
Eva, Romania
Maya, Greece
Alyssa, Hungary

Bradley, Italy




Printed files

Click here to open the requirements for the presentation you are going to make about your selected country.

Click here to open a copy of the crossword that goes with this assignment.

Click here to open a copy of the map that goes with this assignment.

Online files

Click here to access the World Population Review website.


Selected Topics Relating to Scandinavia