Social Studies 7A, Packet Ten, Three Mediterranean Cities

Packet Ten
Three Mediterranean Cities

Deadline, Nov. 6, 160 points

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What can we learn about the contributions of Rome, Athens, and Istanbul to the modern world?

What are the physical and cultural characteristics of each of these cities?


Hagia Sophia



Each of these cities has shaped our world in some very profound ways. For this packet we will explore the unique geography and contributions of these three cities.




Part One
You will collect the following information about these three cities. Then you will create a Google doc or written handout to display it in tabular form.

  • Area
  • Population
  • Climate
  • Natural Resources
  • Sources of income
  • Challenges
  • Significant historical / cultural sites
  • Tourism

Then you will create a simple essay of two or three paragraphs explaining how the cultures of each city contributed to the world.


Every four items on the assignment will be worth five points.



Click on the  thumbnail below to view a large map of southern Europe.

Southern Europe

Printed files

There is no printed file for this assignment. You will create your own document. Refer to the instructions in the middle column of this page.

Online files

Click below for the PowerPoint files we used in class.


Britannica artricle about Istanbul

Smithsonian article about Istanbul

We List article about Istanbul

Cultural history of Istanbul

Cultural history of Athens

Britannica article about Athens

Explore ancient Greece

BBC directory about ancient Greece

Economy of Greece

More economy of Greece

City Data

Istanbul 1, 2

Athens 1, 2, 3

Rome 1, 2


Istanbul 1, 2

Athens 1, 2

Rome 1, 2

Cultural Contributions

Istanbul, 1, 2,

See the links near the top of this column as well.

Sound files

Not applicable.