Social Studies 7A, Packet Two, The United Kingdom

Packet Two
The British Isles
Deadline 9/14, 320 points

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A map of the world showing the United Kingdom highlighted.

The United Kingdom shown on a world map,




What is the physical geography of the United Kingdom and Ireland?

What are the essential similarities and differences in the political system of the United Kingdom and the United States?

Flag of the United Kingdom

The flag of the United Kingdom





The Scottish Royal Coat of Arms

The Scottish Royal Coat of Arms




For many years, the United Kingdom was one of the world's most powerful nations. The nation's influence was built on trade, and naval power. Since WWI and WWII the nation's power has declined and most of its empire has gained various levels of independence. Still, it continues to be a very powerful force in the world. The United Kingdom and the United States remain closest military and political allies in the world, and they share culture, language, and world interests.

For this packet we will explore some of the geography and politicis and cultural features of the United Kingdom.


The purpose of this packet is develop student familiarity with the United Kingdom's geography and recent history.

Essential questions

  1. What countries make up the United Kingdom?
  2. How does it compare to the United States in size, climate, geography, and politics?
  3. Why are the United Kingdom and the United States close allies?
  4. What are some of the features of life in the United Kingdom.

Special instructions

Follow the directions on the parts of the printed packet you will receive. Please read them carefully, and submit all your work together on the due date.





Printed files

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Part One

Part Two

Online files

Fact sheet about English agriculture.

Fact sheet about English population.

The National Geographic information packet about the U.K.

The first index site about daily life in Britain.

Student-friendly news articles about daily life in the United Kingdom.

Rick Steves' video about western England.

Rick Steves' video about the Norman Invasion.

Rick Steves' video about the Cotswolds.

CIA World Factbook about the United Kingdom.

In class work

Click here to access the notes that accompanied the PowerPoint about English history.

Click here to view the PowerPoint about a brief view of English history.