Social Studies 7A, The Trimester Project

The Trimester Project
Your National Profile

Deadline, The date you choose from the calendar, 150 points

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What can you teach us about you chosen nation?





This is the page for your trimester project. It will be about the nation you choose.


See the handout for details.

Essential questions

Your job
Select a nation we have studied in class
Identify the following items in a national profile:

The background of the people in that country
The nation’s location in absolute and relative terms
Climate and climate zones
Current environmental issues facing the country
Describe the type of government it has
Show a population pyramid - and interpret it for us
Evaluate the health factors for the nation - child mortality rate, maternal mortality rate, life expectancy, and so forth

In addition to the national profile you are to select one problem facing the nation you have chosen, and answer the following about the problem:

When did the problem originate?
What has been done about it in the past?
What current actions and future plans are being used to address the problem?
Do you agree with the way the nation is handling the problems? Why? Why not?
You need to tell us at least two sources you used to study the problem. They must both be from reputable media published in the last two years.

Fourth Hour National Profile Selections

  • Noah, Kayson, Netherlands
  • Ainslee, France
  • Abby, Germany
  • Tyke, Sweden
  • Tyler, Noah, England
  • Katelyn, Poland
  • Emily, Anna, Ireland
  • Audrey, Finland
  • Ian, Justin, Switzerland
  • Maren, Tessa, Jersey
  • Joel, Seth, Scotland
  • Hyrum, Australia
  • Bradley, Spain
  • Halli, Maddy, Faroe Islands
  • Paige, Ava, Belgium
  • Cameron, Iceland
  • McKenzie, Kylynn, Andorra
  • Mario, Aden, Hungary
  • Seth, Daniel, Latvia
  • Sara, Denmark
  • Hayden, Norway
Thursday, Nov. 16 Friday, Nov. 17 Monday, Nov. 20
Sara Audrey Seth, Daniel
Kylynn, McKenzie Joel, Seth Anna, Emily
Tyke Katelyn Maddy, Halli
Ava, Paige Tessa, Maren Ainslee
Aden, Mario Cameron Justin, Ian
Hayden Bradley Tyler, Noah K
Hyrum Kayson, Noah W Abby


Fifth Hour National Profile Selections

  • Brock, Germany
  • Isaac, Ian, Scotland
  • Karly,Emma, France
  • Eliza, Kaily, New Zealand
  • Nyah, Eli, Liechenstein
  • Rani, Kira, Ireland
  • Spain, Ellie
  • Kaiden, Joe, Turkey
  • Alex, Stephen, Italy
  • Ruby, Maddie, Sweden
  • Peter, Teague, Denmark
  • Lauren, Anna, Australia
  • Tylee, Keira, Portugal
  • Ashton, Finland
  • Leighton, Jacob, Germany
  • Nasa, Jace, Ukraine
  • Tanis, Spain
  • Trayson, Petey, Norway
Thursday, Nov. 16 Friday, Nov. 17 Monday, Nov. 20
Brock Lauren, Anna Eliza, Kaily
Alex, Stephen Nasa, Jace Isaac, Ian
Kaiden, Joey Ruby, Maddie Macomb, Leighton
Rani, Kira Ellie Petey, Trayson
Karly, Emma Tanis Ashton
Peter, Teague Tylee, Kierra Eli, Nyah


Special instructions

Check the handout and begin.


See the attached rubric.



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