Social Studies 7B, An Introduction to South Asia

Assignment Fifteen
An Introduction to South Asia

Feb. 22, 120 points

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What can we learn about the recent history of South Asia?




This assignment will focus on the lives of the people in the subcontinent of India.


Students will identify and explain the unique physical and cultural characteristics of the subcontitnent.

Students will explain how life in the subcontinent compares to their own.

Essential questions

See the assignment linked to the right side of this page.

Special instructions

To be attached.



Is the assignment complete and the answers clear?
120 points

Is the assignment partially complete and the answers are somewhat clear?
90 points

Is the assignment generalluy incomplete and the answers are cofusing or missing?
70 points or less




Printed files

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Media files

An explanation of Jainism

The Harrapan Civilization

An overview of Hinduism