Social Studies 7B, Assignment Eleven, The Philippines

Assignment Eleven
The Philippines

Due May 22, 80 points, Submit earlier for extra credit.

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What can we learn about the Philippines?




This assignment will focus on life in the Philippins today and some basic facts about that nation.


Students will identify and explain the unique physical and cultural characteristics of the Philippines.

Essential questions

Will the real Philippines please come forward? Is the nation torn by drug use, poverty, crime, and a semi-dictatorship, or is it a low-priced tourist haven in the beautiful waters of the Pacific?

Special instructions

You, with a partner if you choose, are going to create a simple essay explaining the following:

  • A brief history of the Philippines
  • Current challenges facing the nation
  • Why tourism is rebounding slowly
  • Environmental challenges currently faced in the Philippines

Each section should be a paragraph or two.







Is the assignment complete and the answers clear?
80 points

Is the assignment partially complete and the answers are somewhat clear?
65 points

Is the assignment generally incomplete and the answers are confusing or missing?
55 points or less




Printed files

The printed copy of the assignment is not necessary. Use the topics under Special Instructions as the outline for your document. You total document will be 4 to 8 paragraphs.

Meida files


Online files

For the article about the brief history of the Philippines, click here.

For the National Geo for Kids article, click here.

For the World Atlas link, click here.

To view the timeline, click here.

Philippines tourism
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Sound files

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