Social Studies 7B, Assignment Five, Introduction to SW Asia

Packet Five
Introduction to SW Asia

Deadline, April 15, 120 points

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What can we learn about SW Asia from a brief introduction?


Saudi stone shrine


Assignment Instructions

This packet will have  three parts text
They are listed in the next section. Be sure to do all three parts.

NOTE >> Do not stress out about making the charts. We've done this before. If you need a refresher, look at Google's support page. There is also a handy video on Youtube that is helpful.

A quick note about vocabulary - the terms Middle East and Southwest Asia are sometimes confusing because they can overlap. For the purposes of this lesson, Southwest Asia refers to the labeled nations outlined on the map below.  Basically they go from Turkey to Pakistan and Kazakhstan to Yemen. We will not include nations in Africa.

Map of Southwest Asia


Now about the files you will use in this packet.
For this packet you will use one online spreadsheet and three web pages

Here are the web page links:

Here is the link to the spreadsheet:

accent bar


Part One TextPart One, National Profiles of Three Nations
Select three nations from Southwest Asia. (Use the map above to help you select them.)
Go to the CIA World Factbook
Obtain the following facts about each nation:

  1. Land and water area
  2. Climate description
  3. Natural hazards
  4. Population
  5. Median age
  6. Average life expectancy for men and women
  7. Natural resources
  8. A copy of their population pyramid

Take the information above and put it into your Google Doc. Put the name of each nation above its data. You can just type it out line by line, or you can make a table and input it there.

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Part Two TextPart Two, Facts about Asia
For this section you will use two articles.

National Geographic


Using the information from the articles above, answer the following questions in the space at the bottom of your Google doc. Each answer should be a simple paragraph. Again, correct spelling, grammar, and sentence structure are very important.

  1. Asia and Europe are connected on the same land mass. What is the traditional dividing line between them?
  2. What are the five major physical regions of Asia?
  3. Describe the Steppes of Asia. Where are they? What is a steppe?
  4. Where and what is the Rub’ al Khali?
  5. Briefly explain the human history of the Tigris and Euphrates river basins.
  6. What nations border the Persian Gulf?

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Part Three TextPart Three, Oil Production, Pop., Summary

Oil Production

  1. Go to the spreadsheet linked to the class assignment. 
  2. It is already sorted by quantity of oil.
  3. From the section labeled oil production, create a pie graph showing the amount of oil each nation produces.
  4. Label the pie chart ' Southwest Asia Oil Production'.
  5. Copy it.
  6. Paste it into your Google doc.



  1. From the section labeled population, create a bar graph showing the the population of each nation.
  2. Label the bar chart 'Populaiton'.
  3. Copy it.
  4. Paste it into your Google doc.



Write a simple summary of just a few sentences describing what your charts show about the differences is oil production and population sizes of the nations listed.

finished text





Printed files

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Meida files


Online files

Click here for the National Geographic link.

Click here for the Scholastic link.

Click here to access the spreadsheet for this assignment.

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