Social Studies 7B, Assignment Twelve, Introduction to Japan

Assignment Nine
Introduction to Japan

Due May 7, 80 points

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What can we learn about the nation of Japan today?

Image of Japanese city



This assignment will focus on life in Japan today and some basic facts about that nation.


Students will identify and explain the unique physical and cultural characteristics of Japan.

Students will explain how life in Japan compares to their own.

Essential questions

How does Japan address the challenges facing the nation?

What are the basic facts about the physical geography of Japan?

Special instructions

Complete the required questions listed below in one Google Doc. When you are done, print your Google doc and submit it.


Create a table or graph with the following information about Japan. Be sure to label each field.
You will probably want to use the CIA World Factbook for these answers.

  1. Average elevation
  2. Population
  3. What are the highest and lowest average temperatures for Tokyo, Sapporo, and Fukuoka. Hint > January will be colder than August and vice versa. Use this link.
  4. The names of the four main Islands
  5. The four largest cities listed by population.
  6. The longitude and latitude of each of the four main islands.
  7. Total area
  8. How much of the land is used for agriculture?
  9. The population pyramid. You may sketch it if you wish.
  10. Mother's mean age at birth of first child.
  11. Improved drinking water ratio for the entire nation.
  12. School life expectancy.
  13. GDP for the most recent year.
  14. How much of the GDP does the Japanese government use?
  15. Population below the poverty line.
  16. List the top five exports of Japan
  17. What percentage of Japan's electricity comes from nuclear power?



Essay question

Go to the link for Highlighting Japan. It is located here.

Select one article and create a well-written essay of a paragraph or two that answers the following questions.

  1. How does the article portray Japan as a leading nation in the area being discussed?
  2. How will the steps described in the article benefit Japan?
  3. How will the steps in the article benefit other nations?
  4. What do you understand about the topic after reading the article?





Is the assignment complete and the answers clear?
80 points

Is the assignment partially complete and the answers are somewhat clear?
65 points

Is the assignment generally incomplete and the answers are confusing or missing?
55 points or less




Printed files

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Meida files

Here is the link to the educational materials page we used in class.

Online files

For temperature data click here. You will need to enter the name of the island you seek.

To view the PowerPoint about the physical geography of Japan, click here.

Click here for the brief historical PowerPoint about Japan.

Sound files

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