World History 9A, Assignment Four, Classical Greece

Assignment Four
Classical Greece

Due Oct. 13, 240 points

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How did Greece come to dominate the ancient world?

What changed?

What did it leave us?



Greece is generally seen as the place where modern ideas of society and government developed. However, it was no all peace and goodness. Conflict abounded and human rights for non-Greeks were almost non-existent.


During this lesson students will evaluate one of the key elements of classical Greece.

Essential questions

How did the society built by the classical Greeks change their world and ourt?

Special instructions

Select from the following list of topics about ancient Greece. Develop a presentation about it based in the rubric below.

Before you submit an assignment check this list

1 You have completed all five parts of the assignment.
2 Your essay is complete and easy to read, and you have checked for grammar, typos and sentence structure.


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You have stapled your essay AND the assignment together.




To follow.


  • Pericles:
  • Aristotle:
  • Pythagoras:
  • Plato:
  • Socrates:
  • Themistocles:
  • Sophocles:
  • Aeschylus:
  • Sophocles:
  • Archimedes:
  • Solon:
  • Euclid:
  • Plato:
  • Aristotle:
  • Homer:
  • Socrates:


Printed files

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Media files

Click here at access Chapter Five on the online textbook - Greece. This is a very good place to start.

Online files

Click here for an excellent selection of sites about ancient Greece.

Click here to access the PowerPoint we used in class.

This is another excellent selection of sites about ancient Greece.

This is a site maintained by the BBC about ancient Greece. Its focus is more for small children, but it may have some handy resources.

This is a monstrously large index site about Greece. The design is pretty bland, but it contains a lot of information.

This is an excellent link to an online compendium of Greek word roots.

Here is a great link to the history and culture of hellenism.

Here is good link from the Met Museum about hellenistic art.

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