World History 9A, Assignment Three, The Legacy of Egypt

Assignment Three
The Legacy of Egypt

Due Sept. 27 or by Sept. 24 for extra credit, 120 points

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Class drawing

Recently discovered Egyptian art from Madison Junior High School.








What does ancient Egypt teach us about their world and ours?



Egypt has been through many, many cycles of rising and falling. Their history is a microcosm of world civilizations. In this assignment we are going to explore those cycles and what we can learn from them.


During this lesson students will evaluate one of the key elements of ancient Egypt.

Essential questions

What strengths and weaknesses did Egypt, as a culture and civilizations have?

How can we learn from them?

Special instructions

For this assignment you, and one partner, if you choose, will create a simple, yet modestly thorough, paper about one of the following topics. Below each topic are the names of those who chose to write about it. You will be using the writing skills you have learned in your English classes. You may well move beyond the five paragraph essay format.

I have no specific length requirement, but I can tell you that to cover a topic thoroughly most student seem to need at least 700 words. I've seen it done well with fewer and greater quantitities of words, but that seems to be about what it takes to describe the topic and how it affected Egypt's history.

The rise and fall of the Middle Kingdom

The Egyptian writing system
Hilton, Joseph; Addie; Grace, Zoey; Grace

The finding of Tutenkhamen’s tomb - and, most especially, what it taught us about Egypt.
Elle, Megan

The finding and deciphering of the Rosetta Stone.
Carson, Sam; Josh, Ethan

The Greek conquest of Egypt under Alexander
Roy, Adrian; Daniel, Isaac; Tayla; Shae, Elena

How and why pyramids were built
Ben, Arely; Sid, Manuel; Ryan, Max

Mummification practices
Ian, Paige

Agriculture in ancient Egypt

The cult of Pharaoh
Riley, Josten; Kaylie, Maycee

In all cases, your paper needs to include the ‘so what’ of the topic you chose. How did this topic affect the larger picture of Egypt's history?



Rubric Item Points poss.

Is the writing correct? This applies to grammar, spelling, punctuation and issues of syntax.


Did the paper accurately describe the chosen topic?

Did the paper address how this topic related to the larger picture of Egypt? 25

Was the paper organized well?





Printed files

Click here for a copy of the MLA Template.

Media files

Click here to access the Power Point file we used in class at the beginning of the unit.

Online files

This seems like a pretty good index of sites about ancient Egypt.

Click here for another index of sites about ancient Egypt. This one includes a topical list and each page is pretty extensive.

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