World History 9B Assignments Page


Assignment Number & Name   Links
Use the links below to go to the web page for that assignment.
   Pre Course CECA    Click here    11/30
   One, The World in 1491    Click here    12/03
   Fiction Reading    Click here   As announced
   Pearl Harbor   Click here   12/07
   Brief Timeline of England History   Click here   PDF File Only
   Two, Class Expert, British History   Click here.   Dec. 17
   Three, Absolutism & the Road to Rev.   Click here.   Jan. 11
   Four, The Enlightenment   Click here.   TBA
   One Third Book Report   Click here.   Jan. 21
   Five, The Industrial Revolution   Click here.  

Jan. 25

   Six, The World Turned Upside Down    Click here.   Feb. 3
   Seven, The Congress of Vienna & the     Age of Atlanic Revolutions   Click here.   Feb. 11
   Eight, Changing World 1850-1900   Click here.   Feb. 22
   Nine, Turn to the 20th Cent. & WWI   Click here   Mar. 3