Treasure Hunt


Here you are. Now, answer this honestly. Did you jump to this page early in your search? If so, read the nex paragraph. If you came to this as a last resort, go to the bottom of the page. That't the text in blue.

Why did you ditch the search so early? Why didn't you dig through the clues? Did you feel helpless? Did it seem too abstract? Were you in a big hurry and just wanted to get this stupid thing out of the way? There was a reason you jumped to this early. Think about it.

No, I mean it. Ask yourself that question. If you jumped right here, why?


After pursuing your other options, you ended up here. Why did you dig through the others before using this? Why not just jump to this page in the beginning? Did you find the answer earlier? Did you just want to see what I stashed in the search? Was this idle curiousity? Are you frustrated? Do you feel this treasure hunt is just too dumb to be worthwhile?

Do our students ever feel that way?


Oh, here's the clue. Go to this link and look around.