Mr. Pinto's Web Site

Mr. Pinto in VeniceWelcome to my Web Page!

I am excited about the new schoool year and hope that parents and children are looking forward to a great school year!  Mableton Elementary is a great place to be!

I would like to introduce myself.  I am Mableton's computer lab teacher.  I will be meeting with each class at least one time a week to help them learn how to use technology in various ways.

Please look at the various resources on my website by clicking on the heading above and feel free to visit my blog for even more resources.  There are many different web sites that will help students research more about a subject or that help reinforce skills learned in the classroom.  Check my site periodically, as I am always updating and adding new information.  If you would like to email me, please go to my blog which has an email link. 


Robert Pinto

PS: The above picture was taken in Venice, Italy.  If you ever have the chance to visit, I thoroughly recommend it.