Other Educational Web Links

Virtual Field Trips Sites

Tramline http://www.tramline.com

This website has various virtual field trips that students can take.  It also has lessons and resources that correspond to the field trips.  The site can be a little hard to navigate through initially, but play around with it to explore it capabilities.


Best virtual field trips http://www.vickiblackwell.com/vft.html

Take a virtual field trip to many different locations around the globe and even in space.

Gifted Education 


The website can be a little hard to navigate, but click on the kids section and there are many different project and activities for them to do.


Assistive Technology 

http://www.oatsoft.org/ Under the search tab on the website there are many different assistive software programs that can be downloaded free of charge 

Music and Art 

http://www.classicsforkids.com/games/ This is an interactive web site. Students are able to compose music, name notes, keep the rhythms, and learn about composers. 

http://www.kidsites.com/sites-edu/music.htm This web sites links students to different music sites to research composers, compose music, learn about instruments, and listen to music from different genre. 

www.eduweb.com/pintura/     Students act as a detective critiquing artwork to find what artist painted the stoles painting. 

Digital Storytelling


The website has examples of various digital stories created by people.  It may give you an idea to try digital story telling in your classroom.



This site is an oral history project that contains interviews from high school students with Japanese Internment Camp Internees, WWII witnesses, and Holocaust survivors.  It may be a good site to use for 5th graders.



This site has more examples of digital story telling.  Many are done by adults, but they may give you an idea of how you can simplify the process and use it in your classroom.


Here is one more example of digital storytelling.  Once again these stories are mainly done by adults.




The PBS Teachers site has a bunch of resources for all different subjects and all different grade levels.


www.epals.com – For grades K-5

This site allows you to connect to other classes throughout the world.  You can search for classes that are studying the same concepts that you are or just to link up with to be pen pals.  There also are a few lessons available on this site. 



This is the main website of the George Lucas Educational Foundation.  There are video clips of example projects, current articles on education, and lots more.


http://pbskids.org/dontbuyit/ - For grades 1-5

Learn about advertising and using money wisely through a variety of interactive activities.