National History Day is an experience for students to learn history in a way that promotes critical thinking skills and research skills.  

The theme this year is Innovation in History: Impact and Change. 

The Arizona National History Day website has a lot of helpful information as well.   That will also lead you to the National History Day website that has suggestions for topics, suggestions for research, and rules of the contest.   

This project will start with learning how to research, evaluate and analyze sources.  Students will then write a research report.  Resources will be continually gathered throughout the whole process.  Students will then create a project to show their depth of understanding and perspectives of the topic and their analysis of how the innovation impacted history.  Due dates are given well in advance and class time is given frequently to work on NHD.  NHD bridges between both Language Arts and Social Studies. 

Last year we had 11 students go to the national contest in Washington D.C.  It was a tremendous experience for the students and I hope we are as successful this year!   

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