Class assignments for week of  April 20 to the 24

Assignments for this week  


        * Go to Google classroom to get more detailed information.

        *Go to my NEWS OF THE WEEK page to get some passwords and codes you may have forgotten.

         * Go to Google hangouts if you have any questions needed answering.

         * Remember your Google meeting on Tuesday.

        * Spelling has now changed. It is about reading, editing, revising, correcting any written work.  There will be no more lists of words. You will be graded by how well you check, revise,and rewrite the incorrect spelling in your day to day work.

        * We are doing fairytales this week.  May sure your comprehension answers have good detailed answers.   Watch the spelling and punctuation.

        *We are working on Geometry in Math.

        * In Grammar, we are working on quotation marks.

        * In Science, we are finishing insects.

       * In Social Studies we are starting Economics.

***DO not forget your assignments from Health, Art, Music, Library and Phys Ed.

***Always remember to have a snack, lunch, and some recess time.

***Always try to have your own special free reading time. Log those stories.  

*** Each assignment should only take 30 minutes the most, unless it is the Science or Social Studies projects.  If you are taking longer, ask yourself why? Are you staying to task? Do you understand the assignment?  

***** Always reach out to me through hangout chat if you need my help.


Please keep up with your assignments. Take pictures and hand them in to me. I am doing grades.



             Remember no assignment is late. Handed it in as you complete them! Please, make sure you do them all. Do not pick and choose!