Mrs. Clinton's News of the Week

    This page is designated for information and news that is upcoming in the week.  It is to help making sure everyone is aware of important items within our school and classroom.

                                                            May 2018                                                                                    

                                            Final Trimester



                            Making Dreams and Wishes




The  expectations have increased again with listening, following directions  and showing respect.   We will be working more with your child on being kind to others.



            It is so important that students treat each other with Respect, Kindness and get along with each other.  It is NOT acceptable to be mean to others with words or actions. It will not be tolerated.


This is why we have our school wide CARS program. CARS is for Caring, Accountability, Respect and Safety.

Your child should be applying this through their every day activities here at school and at home. We all approach work differently, approach activities differently and complete work at different rates. Working together helps your child to understand that everyone is unique, special, and deserves respect.


Remeber we are also still using the 3 coin system. This way your child can decide their direction of behavior and know that there are consequences for a bad choice.




Field Day is coming on May 25th. 

           Make sure the permission form is in and food                         choice.


There is only 5 more weeks to go. June will be here soon.


      Remember: Your child is coming home with a 1, 2, or 3 every night in the planner.  This reflects their school behavior, determination to work hard, their ability to focus on a task, and ability to work on a team with classmates.  


   Remember :   Since it is the 3rd trimester, expctations are going to be tougher.  



          If at any time you have questions, PLEASE, get in touch with me through your child's

planner or my email. 


        These following misdeameanor behaviors should be minimal at this time: Calling out, talking while someone is already talking, tattling on minor happenings, being silly when the time is to focus on work, and/or when directions need to be followed and finally, being mean to anyone.





                           Please make sure you sign your child's planner every night.




            Thank you for all your help. Thank you for caring. Thank you for all you do as a parent.








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                     Thank you for coming to the site and sharing it with your child. I hope it has become a helpful tool.







                      Happy Birthday to all my May students.