Mrs. Clinton's News of the Week

    This page is designated for information and news that is upcoming in the week.  It is to help making sure everyone is aware of important items within our school                                                                


                              Be safe, Be Healthy, and Wash your hands

                                            Stay out of stores

April 27- May 1

                   Hello to all my students and parents. We are ending another month. It is so hard to believe that we have been virtually learning for over a month!  I hope you are well and continue to be eager to learn.  Mrs. Boyce, Mrs Coffey and I are continuing to working dilligently to create lessons that are informative and exciting. This week's schedule will continue to help your child's academic progress toward 3rd grade.  Below are some items to help through the week.


        I sent all my families directions to go to google hangout chats. This is a great way for children to become independent. Your child can use this by sending me a quick note that they are in school. So it is not up to you, the parent to do so.  Also, because it is in real time, your child can type to me any issue they are having, and I can immediatley help with the problem.  There is also a way for us to face to face chat with a video call.  All they have to do first, is ask if we can.


      New this week is Google Meets. This is different than Google hangouts.  This is a group meeting of 5 classmates and myself. Here, in real time we can say hello, chat about how we are, and discuss up coming topics.  There are good etiquette rules that need to be followed that Mr. Butler sent for you to read and follow.  This is not a playdate with friends. It is a time to spend together, like if we were in school.   

         You will get an invitation from me in your email, not your parents'. You will click on the blue words google meets. This will take you to where you join the meeting.  Everyone has a special time to join. Therefore, that is something to pay attention to as well. 

      I will send an email to parents on Monday to help remind the time and the email.



    In addition as we go forward into this week and the remainder :

           *  Please place finished assignments in google classroom, or send   

                me pictures through email.     I am logging in grades to skyward.

              I will send feedback as quickly as I am able.

          * There will be no more spelling lists. Spelling will be checked in all writing                          assignments.

          * This week all Insect projects should have been handed-in.

           *  This week we are beginning a unit on Economics in Social Studies.

           *We are working in geometry.


          * Continue to do IXL  money, time, measuring, data and geometry.

          * Continue with Keyboarding without tears.

          * In Google classroom there is a flip grid link. You can leave friends appropriate                  messages. 

          *There is also a video update about the caterpillars.

          * Remember, I am always there to help in any way I can.


                               Your child came home with IXL  usernames and passwords. This will be part of the schedule we have created.    If you have difficulty getting on, email me.   Please read and log stories as well. There is a log sheet under the library link in Goole classroom.

     Continue to go on  Google Classroom to obtain the assignments needed to get done.

    The Google classroom has been created with Mrs. Boyce and Mrs. Coffey and myself.  The name of it is Second Grade superstars. The code is:  kbgopij   Your child has been added.  If you need assisstance, email me at robin.clinton@npsd.

       Keep coming to the sight every few days to see any additional information.  


Also check your emails because Mr. Butler, and administration have been sending parent information concerning the upcoming week. 


We will get through this most difficult time. I know it feels overwhelming. 







      Thank you for visiting my website. I have established it keep you updated with the happenings within the classroom and day to day activities.  Our connection, I believe will enhance your child's learning experience through this new process. If you need me to help or clarify anything please contact me.

  The time now is getting your child prepared for third grade! These next few months are going to go by very fast!



              PAWS:  Be Prepared, Always respectful, Working hard and Being Safe


         It is so important that students treat each other with Respect, Kindness, Honesty, and Patience while working with each other.  It is NOT acceptable to be mean to others with words or actions. It will not be tolerated.

       Your child should always be prepared for school everyday. Their backpack should have a morning snack, a lunch, a waterbottle, a light sweater or jacket and their take home folder with homework and a signed planner sheet!



         Your child should be showing friendship through their every day activities here at school and at home. We all approach work differently, approach activities differently and complete work at different rates. Working together helps your child to understand that everyone is unique, special, and deserves respect.

 That is why I reward with smiles  on a room chart when a student is caught making a good choice. Plus they will be given PAWS  bucks as well.  A smile or a PAWS buck is given for being prepared for class, working quietly, trying their best, helping others, cleaning up, showing respect, being safe and many other ways.


     Every day your child comes home with a 1, 2, or 3 on their Daily Sheet.  This reflects their school behavior, determination to work hard, their ability to focus on a task, and ability to work on a team with classmates.  Getting a 3 needs to be someone that is determned to maintain good behavior and continue focused work habits for most of the day.


   Remember : This is 2nd trimester, and expectations have increased.  At this point in the year listening skills, calling out, and staying on task should be really good. Completing homework at home or in school should not be an issue. Some may need to be reminded more than others. There will always be an explanation to let you know what your child's day was like.

   If at any time you have questions, PLEASE, get in touch with me through a note or my email. 


    The following misdeameanor behaviors we are trying to work on are:  Calling out, sitting in our chair inappropriately, trying not to talk while someone is already talking, being silly when the time is to focus on work, handing in homework, listening to when directions need to be followed and finally, being mean to anyone.

    When a child is caught being good and doing the right behavior, they are rewarded with a smile face or a PAWS dollar. Top 3 children at the end of the week with the most smiles will get a prize.  There will also be stickers, prizes and certificates for PAWS bucks.



                   Thank you for all your help. Thank you for caring. Thank you for all you do as a parent.






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                     Thank you for coming to the site and sharing it with your child. I hope it will become a helpful tool.










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