Mrs. Clinton's News of the Week

    This page is designated for information and news that is upcoming in the week.  It is to help making sure everyone is aware of important items within our school and classroom.


   October 15 - 19


             This week many fun and interesting concepts will taught.


           This week we will continue to understand the concept of spooky vs. violent. The idea will be learned through reading and writing, and through fiction and nonfiction material. 

           Also this week we will be focusing on creatures that are given bad reputations through written stories, cartoons, and movies. We will learn that knowing the facts helps to understand. Last week we worked with owls. This week we will focus on bats.


           In Social Studies your child will continue to learn about community, neighbors and jobs through 3 types of neighborhoods: Urban, Suburban, Rural areas.


          I hope you enjoyed then special project we did with the pinecones and sticks. I thought the boys and girls did an awesomje job following directions.  Thank you to all my parents for contributing the pinecones and sticks.  You are all so awesome!


         At Marieville, we are making sure our students are happy and helping others to feel good about themselves. We are trying to boost a sense of community. Our school created a kindess patch of pumpkins. When you come into our school take a look at the pumpkin patch of kindness in the front foyer.


        I hope all my students that were able to attend Friday's movie night had a funtastic time. Don't be sad if you could not attend, there will be others. There is an after school dance coming up on Friday, Nov. 2nd. More information is coming.



           We will continue to incorporate good listening, awesome workers and trying to accomplish our best.

      I thank you for coming to my site and keeping up with the happenings of the school week. Chat with other parents to do the same.


    We will continue working with routine, reviewing skills from last year and mastering the concepts needed to move forward.


     In reading students will be put into groups that will help encourage their learning. Reading is not fun if the vocabulary is too difficult and also if it is too easy. These groups will be ever changing depending on their enthusiasm.  You can help your child's academic fluency by making sure they are reading at home every night.


       This week we will learn about Narratives. This a concept where "I" is the main character. "I" in a story is usually the author/writer.

       This concept will then be used to write their first story of the year. It will incorporate story elements of characters, setting, problem, solution and ending. We are going to enter them in a writing contest.


   In Math, some of the students began to go to Mrs. Bradford. This is also everchanging depending on your child's enthusiasm. If you want to help encourage your child, work with them in Math at home.

Ms. Tourville will be working on place value. The numbers will be starting to get larger. Your child will need to learn and understand 2 digit numbers and their value.


 In Social Studies, the students will be learning about communities, neighborhoods, and jobs. Ms. Tourville will be teaching about Urban and Suburban communities.


In Science, Ms. Bradford will be teaching this content.



           It is so important that students treat each other with Respect, Kindness and get along with each other.  It is NOT acceptable to be mean to others with words or actions. It will not be tolerated.


This is why we have our school wide CARS program. CARS is for Caring, Accountability, Respect and Safety.

Your child should be applying this through their every day activities here at school and at home. We all approach work differently, approach activities differently and complete work at different rates. Working together helps your child to understand that everyone is unique, special, and deserves respect.


Remeber we are also still using the 3 coin system. This way your child can decide their direction of behavior and know that there are consequences for a bad choice.






      Remember: Your child will be coming home with a 1, 2, or 3 every night in the planner.  This reflects their school behavior, determination to work hard, their ability to focus on a task, and ability to work on a team with classmates.  


   Remember :   Since it is the first trimester, expectations will be consistently reminded to your child. The concept is to promote trying to be the best they can be, 

                       If at any time you have questions, PLEASE, get in touch with me through the planner or my email. 


    The following misdeameanor behaviors we are trying to work on, like:     Calling out, sitting in our chair inappropriately, talking while someone is already talking, tattling on minor happenings, being silly when the time is to focus on work, and/or when directions need to be followed and finally, being mean to anyone.





                           Please make sure you sign your child's planner every night.




            Thank you for all your help. Thank you for caring. Thank you for all you do as a parent.








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                     Thank you for coming to the site and sharing it with your child. I hope it has become a helpful tool.










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                                                                  Jordan-  October 25th