Friday Note, September 14, 2012

Friday Notes September 14, 2012


Dear Parents,


We've been tweaking the schedule slightly to find our comfortable operating zone and there are a few minor changes. Circle will be starting a little after 8:30. We've found that having a complete circle time followed by an activity to help reinforce the material covered before leaving the classroom in the mornings really helps to drive our focus. We do have a second circle time in the afternoon, after snack to review and reinforce topics covered in the morning. If your child is late or misses morning circle, do not despair, the second circle will help catch them up.


Soccer is on Wednesday mornings at 9 am. If your child is in soccer, please have him or her here a little before this time. The coach comes around to the classrooms to pick the children up promptly at 9. If you are running late, make sure you take your child on to the playground and let the coach know he or she is present. There is no required wardrobe for soccer and we will not be “dressing out” for this activity. If your child is wearing comfortable school clothing and tennis shoes, that should be appropriate.


Ballet is on Thursdays. If you are registered for ballet class and did not get a letter from the ballet teacher last week, please let me know and I will ask her for a copy.


Our class web page is live and running at Http:// You will always be able to find the latest Friday note as well as the monthly calendar on this site. Additionally, I try to send home reminders on our twitter account @robynsowls.


Open house is on September 20. Please watch the doors for more information.


I hope the homework packets are proving educational and fun! Have a great weekend!


-Ms. Robyn