Below are some resources I have found particularly helpful as a special education teacher.

Wrightslaw is a website with anything and everything you need to know about IEPs and how they should be implemented. Parents, educators, advocates, and attorneys go there for accurate, reliable information about special education law, education law, and advocacy for children with disabilities. 

Restorative Circles work in various ways to help students with social/emotional learning. They learn to share their thoughts with their peers in a constructive way, to empathize with others, and to work collaboratively to make their classroom a positive space.

This website  features a comprehensive list of strategies and tools for teaching students with various learning disabilities. It's a quick reference.

S'cool Moves is an amazing resource for ALL students! Developed in collaboration between a teacher and an occupational therapist, it provides research-based activities that stimulate brain activity while also being fun!

Growth Mindset is a powerful way of thinking that will transform the way you teach and the way your students learn. This site includes a quiz so you can discover what YOUR mindset is!