10 Simple Rules to Look Good Without Makeup

There is nothing better than being beautiful without artifice.

This is partly why the "nude" makeup was created. It gives the impression of natural skin as if you are not wearing any makeup.

Given the revelations about the questionable components in beauty products or the horrific tests performed on animals, many women like Alicia Keys have decided to take it naturally.

Saving time and ultimately better health, we give you 10 essential tips to look beautiful without makeup. Accept yourself naturally to be beautiful without artifice.

1. Make Your Brows Look Perfect

On a face without makeup, the eyebrows inevitably become the center of attention. Shape your eyebrows according to their natural shape and that of your face. If necessary, tint your eyebrows with dye or henna. Make sure it suits your hair Colour when choosing the Colour. If you are not very full on the eyebrows, apply a mixture of castor oil and vitamin A directly on it every day. After a few weeks, you will notice the incredible transformation of your eyebrows.

2. Intensify Your Gaze

For an enlarged look, use an eyelash curler to set them in place. You can also apply transparent mascara. To go further, you can even place eyelash extensions.

Even under your eyes, get rid of dark circles. To do this, start by reviewing your diet. The rings may result from a lack of iron or B vitamins in your body (liver and red meat contain large amounts). Choose eye creams with a whitening effect or those with retinol. Cold compresses with mint or green tea are also very useful.

3. Whiten Your Teeth

Score maximum points with a flawless smile. Perfect teeth give a lot of charm. To keep teeth white, use whitening toothpaste, especially after drinking coffee or wine. But remember not to use it all the time, as this type of toothpaste can also weaken your teeth. If your teeth are naturally gray or yellow, have them whitened by a dentist.

4. Don't Forget To Take Care of Your Lips

Nutrition, hydration, and exfoliation are the keywords for a beautiful mouth. Always use natural lip balms; they can easily be replaced with natural and vegetable oils like olive oil, argan oil, coconut oil, etc. Once a week, massage your lips with a soft toothbrush or with your fingertips and some sugar. Attention, make sure that your lips are wet before this manipulation.

5. Take Care of Your Hair

To brighten up a natural face, hair color and a refreshed cut are essential. Always go for simple cuts and rather natural colors. Red or blue hair would contrast with the choice of looking natural ... Cut your ends regularly and protect your hair from heat sources (blow dryer, plates, etc.). Also, take care to protect them with styling products or natural oils. Coconut oil will allow them to shine and remove dandruff, dry scalp, etc. For even silkier hair, rinse it with rice water or a concoction of boiled plants: sage and oak bark for brunettes, chamomile, and lime for blondes.

6. Use Sunscreen

Ultraviolet radiation considerably increases the appearance of premature wrinkles and other unpleasant hazards of aging, such as dark spots for example. Prolonged exposure can also lead to skin cancer. Therefore, products with SPF should be used in the summer on the beach and throughout the year.

7. Close-Up on Your Skin

According to dermatologists, our skin should not be washed more than twice a day. It is advisable to do this before getting up and going to bed. In the morning, prefer a cleansing milk or tonic lotion that you can use in the form of ice cubes. It is essential not to rub too much because you risk attacking her, and she can react with pimples, for example. Making face masks (a white clay mask, for example) once a week is also helpful. And if your skin is not too sensitive, you can exfoliate it gently using different scrubs.

8. Get Enough Sleep

A reasonable sleep lasts between 7 and 9 o'clock. It is essential for keeping your skin in peak condition and for good health in general. Better to go to bed before 11 pm because, after midnight, the body begins to produce one of the main "beauty hormones": melatonin. To decrease the development of possible premature wrinkles, try to sleep on your back.

9. Make Sure You Have a Good Diet

Studies confirm a direct connection between the condition of our skin and the foods we eat. Among the most important foods are marine fish, vegetable oils, seeds, and nuts. They are a source of fatty acids, vitamin E, and carotene, the main weapons in the fight against free radicals. A few dairy products should also be included in your menu, as they are the key to healthy microbial flora.

10. Wear the Right Colors

Choosing the right color for your clothes will help bring out your skin tone, hide your flaws, and make your appearance more expressive. Primer less skin looks paler, so it is important not to make the situation worse by choosing too dark and cool shades. White is not the best option either. There are still bright colors like blue, turquoise, emerald, salmon ... Ideally, you need to determine your color type and choose the clothes accordingly.

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