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School Number: 972-749-1000

Hello & Welcome to Fourth Grade at Joseph J. Rhodes Elementary School!
My name is Royal Hines and I've been an educator in Dallas ISD for 11years. Teaching children and making a difference in their lives is the most rewarding experience. Math is my favorite subject and I enjoy sharing my love and enthusiasm for it with others. I will also be teaching science. This year your child will explore many different science concepts and I look forward to sharing that information with them. 

Here is some background information about me. I was born and raised in Austin, TX. I graduated from the University of North Texas with a Bachelors of Science in Criminal Justice.I graduated from Grand Canyon University with a Masters of Science in Curriculum Instruction and Design. I am currenltly completing my Masters of Science in Education Administration through LeTourneau University. I have continued to take classes to ensure that I am teaching the latest, most effective methods. As you can see, education is a very high priority for me
Please check this website often to learn about activities, events, assignments, and more going on in our classroom.
Please refer to the calendar page on the left hand side to view important dates and reminders. The calendar is updated as dates are provided to us, so please check the calendar regularly for any changes.
Rules-The students designed these themselves.
1. Include others in ALL activities.
2. Raise your hand to speak.
3. Show respect to everyone!
4. Do your BEST everyday.
5. Keep our classroom neat and clean.

1.Tickets to be used to purchase rewards and privileges.
2.Chance Cards. (See below)
3.Pick out of the Chance Reward Box if you go the WHOLE week without your
name on the board and your chance card to pulled.
4.Love and praise everyday from your teacher.
5.Monthly Awesome Afternoon for good behavior. (No detentions or habitual problems).
6.Quarterly rewards for meeting AR goals.

1.Verbal warning to stop inappropriate behavior.
2.Name on the board-loss of opportunity to pick out of the Chance Reward Box at the end of the week and loss of earned ticket.
3. 1st check-Loss of 15 min. recess or computer time.
4. 2nd check-Loss of 2nd 15 min. recess or computer time.
5. 3rd check-After school detention/lose Awesome Afternoon.
6. 4th check-Sent to the office/parent conference.