Opera national de paris garnier




  The Opera DE  Gernier,Paris   

The construction of the OPERA DE GARNIER,PARIS in 1862,but it wasn't completed intill 1875.partly because of an under ground lake was interuptingthe people working.The little lake is still there under the opera building.It was the hiding of the 'Phantom of the opera' in paul leroux's famous play.Since the construction of the modern Opéra de Paris Bastille in 1989, the majestic Opéra Garnier is now mainly used for ballet performances. It was also officially renamed 'Palais Opera'   The grand staircase is the most famous  features of the Palais Garnier. Built in marble of various colours , the double stairway leads to the foyers and the different levels of the auditorium   . In the year 2000 the main façade of the Opera was completely renovated, thus revealing its original rich colours and golden statue-work.