How to Enable Closed Captioning on Roku?

When enabled, closed captioning (abbreviated CC) shows a film or program's spoken components, background noises, and sound effects as text on your television screen. These captions provide a significant link to entertainment and news for deaf or hard-of-hearing people.

Closed captions are only accessible when the service supplier (e.g., BBC iPlayer, NOW TV) includes them. Check with the service provider for data on the accessibility of closed captions. For any queries on Roku navigate to website.

Steps to Enable Closed Captioning on Roku

Until enabled, closed captions are not noticeable. You can enable closed captions from within the channel for some service suppliers. The closed captioning settings on your Roku streaming device do not affect these service providers ' content.

  • You can make modifications on closed captions from your Roku device's settings for many channels
  • On your Roku remote, press the home button
  • Select Settings and scroll up or down
  • Select Accessibility to open the captions menu
  • If you do not find Accessibility, Select Captions
  • Select the subtitles mode and select when the subtitles should appear
  • Off–captions never appear
  •  On–captions always appear (when the service supplier is accessible). Closed captions are operable within their channel when service suppliers use their own configurations
  • On replay–captions will only appear after pressing the Replay button on your Roku remote (with content supporting immediate replay)
  • When mute–captions will only appear when the volume is muted. Make a note that not all roku devices have this access.

Customization of closed captions

  • On your Roku remote, press the home button
  • Select Settings and scroll up or down
  • Choose Accessibility and then Style Caption to open the style menu
  • Select Captions if Accessibility is not available
  • Adjust each component of the style
  • With an instance of the modifications, a preview appears
  • Text–style (font)/edge effect / size / color / opacity
  • Background– color / opacity
  • Window–color / opacity

Use closed captions while playing

  • You can turn on or off closed captions during playback for channels that use the closed captioning settings accessible on your Roku device
  • Also, make a note that this function is not accessible for all channels
  • Press the Star button star on your Roku remote after playback starts to open the Options menu
  • Scroll up or down and find the closed caption
  • Use the right or left button on the remote and select when you need the captions

For queries on How to Enable Closed Captioning on Roku, ring to the customer care team using the toll-free number.

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