Plain Catgut Suture

About the Sutures company and the types of sutures

Sutures Manufacturing Company are those which are IS0 certified companiesand are engaged in the manufacturing, importing, exporting and supplying a wide range of Sutures and Surgical Products. The product of these companies are fabricated by the experienced professionals by using the high grade of raw material which is sourced from the certified vendors of the Sutures industry. The products are well known for thedimensional accuracy and robust construction and they are provided as per the specifications given by the clients. These organization has valid Drugs Manufacturing License, the IE Code and the Factory License.The operational efficiency of the Sutures Manufacturer have the well-equipped infrastructure and their innovative team of personnel which enables to provide a wide range of the high quality products to their clients. The products are used in several private and the government hospitals and products are also used in many clinics and the medical institutions. The offered products are known for their features like wear resistance and the robust construction. The product range is examined by the highly skilled professionals which looks for all the flaws. The monthly production capacity of thesekind of manufacturing unit is near about 1000 boxes, which assists them to fulfil the bulk requirements of their clients within the given time frame.

Let’s know about the different types of surgical sutures:

  • Silk Suture – These kind of sutures are fabricated using the high grade of raw material and the advanced technology. It is used for holding the skin, internal organs and the other tissues of the body together, these kind of sutures are reliable in performance, skin friendliness and have an easy to use features.
  • Plain Catgut Suture – These are available in a variety of sizes and it is highly valued for its reliable performance having a superior quality and the strength. It is made by using the high grade raw material and the advanced technology in compliance with the international standards.
  • Chromic Catgut Suture-It is made up ofspecial silk and the synthetics which is used either on the skin wound closure and that can be removed after a few weeks. It is Non Absorbable suture.
  • Polyamide Suture – It is a nylon surgical suture which is a non-absorbable suture, and is a sterile surgical monofilament suture which is composed of the long-chain aliphatic.
  • Bone wax – Itis a waxy substance which is used to help in the mechanically control bleeding from the bone surfaces during the surgical procedures. It is generally made up of the beeswaxmixed with a softening agent like paraffin or a petroleum jelly and it is smeared across theedge of the bone where the bleeding is happening, it help in blocking the holes and is most commonly supplied in the sterile sticks, and it usually requires the softening before applying it.
  • Polyester suture – It is a braided and the silicone sutureand it is a non-absorbable suture which is composed of Polyethylene terephthalate fibre. These kind of suture have an excellent tensile strength, and are soft and pliable with the excellent plaiting and are an excellent choice for the cardiovascular and the ophthalmic surgery.