My Classroom Website


Hello! My name is Ryan Norman, and I have taught ninth grade literature for six years in Atlanta, Georgia. I have a master’s degree in educational leadership, and I am currently pursuing a doctorate degree in instructional leadership at Nova Southeastern University. I tell my students that I have more homework than they do; therefore, I don't accept excuses unless their excuse beats mine. I have two boys Josiah (4) and Noah (2). They are usually the fuel for any excuses that I may have. 

I made this site for teachers and students. My students often ask if there is a central location for the websites that we use in class. I also wanted to add a few sites for teachers to use. I am the new teacher induction coordinator at my school, and new teachers always ask me if there are any good sites to use while they are in "survival" mode. I hope this site is beneficial for students and teachers.