Teacher Technology Links


This website provides the Georgia Performance Standards (GPS) that are to be used in all English classrooms in Georgia. Many of the lessons that are provided have technology components.


This website provides the new Common Core Standards that most states will transition into.


This website provides free lesson plans and resources that teachers can use in their classes. 


This website is an awesome resource for students and teachers. Students can use it for a quick grammar review or lesson, and teachers can use it as an easy resource to remember those tricky grammar rules.


This website offers a free digital classroom for teachers. Students and teachers benefit from this site because it is similar to Facebook.


This website allows teachers to create and save rubrics.


This website provides essential testing aides for students in Georgia. Students can take practice tests and quizzes for the EOCT and the graduation tests. They can also play games to help review for state mandated tests. 


This is a teacher's personal site that offers online projects, quizzes, and vocabulary exercises for English classes.


This website offers videos that can be used in all content areas.


This link provides a table to compare blogs, wikis, and docs. The table provides links and resources as examples.


This website provides an easy way for teachers to make free wikis for their classes.


This website is created by the National Council of Teachers of English. The site provides professional development articles and support for teachers of English.


This website offers resources for teachers who teach English as a second language. The site is also helpful for those who may have a ESL student in class.


This website offers tools that teachers may use with ESL students.


This website offers a large timer for teachers to use in the classroom. It is a great tool to use for classroom management.