Speech Syllabus

  Oral/Written Communication:

Mr. Norman  Room: 18

Work Phone: (770)787-2250

  Tutor Time by appointment only: Tuesday, Thursday: (7:45-8:15)        

                                                        Monday, Wednesday: (3:30-4:00)

 Course Overview:  

The purpose of this class is to teach the principles of oral communication. This is a performance based class that places emphasis on preparation and delivery techniques for extemporaneous speaking (not written out or memorized) and critical listening techniques. Students will learn to become critical consumers of communication.

 Course Units and Objectives:  1.  Students will be able to demonstrate understanding of the relationship between and responsibilities of the sender and the receiver in the oral communication system/process.  2.  Students will be able to prepare and verbally deliver a message consistent with the parameters of the topic, purpose, and audience addressed.  3.  Students will be able to listen with literal and critical comprehension being able to offer constructive feedback/criticism.  Texts:  Students must keep track of notes in a notebook. There is NO textbook.  Materials Needed:  

This is a list of items that are needed for my class. Make sure you have all items by the first Tuesday of the semester______________. If you are unable to obtain the necessary supplies, please let me know as soon as possible.

  1. Three-ring binder with PLEANTY of paper!
  2. Plenty of writing utensils
 Major Assignments:  

All students are required to present seven (7) extemporaneous speeches and one (1) oral interpretation during the semester. Speeches must be original work produced by the student. The oral interpretation will be a work written by someone else. Students should be open to constructive criticism! There will be homework, quizzes, outlines, as well as a comprehensive written final.

   GRADE POINTS/POLICY Students will give an impromptu speech each Friday if a speech is not due that week.  

First 9-weeks


Speech 1:   Self Speech (2-3 minutes)                                     50 points


Outline                                                                  25 points


Speech 2:   Interview & inform (3-5)                                      50 points


Questionnaire                                                       25 points


Outline                                                                 25 points


Peer Critique of Speech 2                                     5 points each


Speech 3:   Travel Agency (3-5 minutes)                             100 points


Destination choice                                              10 points

Outline                                                                50 points


Peer Critique of Speech 3                                      5 points each


Speech 4: Demonstration with visual aid


(3-5 minutes)                                                  100 points


Outline                                                                     50 points


Peer Critique of Speech 4                                           5 points each


Homework/quizzes                                                                              points will vary


Second 9-weeks

Speech 5: Oral Interpretation (3-5 minutes)                           100 points


Typed original intro & edited script                     25 points

Speech 6: Impromptu speech (1-3 minutes)                           50 points

Speech 7: Special Occasion (2-3 minutes)                              50 points

Note card                                                               25 points

Speech 8: Persuasion Speech with 2 visual aids*


(8-10 minutes)                                                200 points


Broad topic                                                               10 points


Specific topic                                                           10 points


Thesis statement                                                       25 points


Reference page                                                        25 points


Rough draft outline                                                 50 points


Final outline                                                          100 points


Final reference page                                                 25 points


Peer Critique of Speech 7                                        10 points each


Homework/quizzes                                                                 points will vary


Written comprehensive final                                                   200 points


*This speech is added to the nine-week points and will serve as the oral part of “finals”. Points from this speech and the comprehensive written final will be added together to calculate the “finals” grade .



Students are required to speak on the day their name is drawn, or in the case of the Demonstration Speech, their assigned day. If a student fails to give a speech because of not being prepared, their grade will be a "0". If students are absent with a legitimate excuse, they will make up the speech the day they return. Students with an unexcused absent or found to be truant will not be allowed to make up the speech and the grade will be a "0"


Introduction of Yourself - 2-3 minute speech

There are 4 options for this speech:

 1.  Bring in an object and tell why it is important to you 2.  Talk about a turning point in your life 3.  Compare yourself to an object 4.  Tell about yourself in terms of a quote or song   

Interview and Inform – 3-5 minute speech


The first part of the assignment is to have you find a person who is worthy in some respect of being interviewed. Examples of people to interview may be: a grandparent who was in a war, a cousin who is an Olympic athlete, a famous aunt or uncle, or an acquaintance who has some special talent. The second part includes the organization of the data for an informative speech to the class about the person you interviewed.


Robinson Travel Bureau


The Robinson Travel Agency has hired students. It is their job to present a 3 - 5 minute speech on a specific destination to their clients (the rest of the class and me). The goal is to inform future travelers about the destination and to persuade them to visit the destination as well. This will be accomplished by researching the destination on the Internet, selecting interesting facts about this destination, using these facts to create the perfect vacation package for this destination, and giving an oral presentation using professional, sales techniques.


Demonstration Speech

Students will present a speech of 3-5 minutes, which demonstrate how to perform the steps of a process. You must have visual aids and you must demonstrate something!


Oral Interpretation


This is a 3-5 minute presentation that focuses on dynamic performance. Students will have the opportunity to use dramatic, prose, poetry, comedy, or children’s literature as a basis for this assignment. An original introduction and edited script is due at the time of the speech.




Students have one minute to prepare a 1 – 3 minute impromptu speech on a topic that is randomly selected. Topics will be decided on in class. You will have two chances to do this speech.


Special Occasion


Students will pick one of the "special occasions" that will be discussed in class to write and deliver a speech to fit the event. This speech of 2 – 3 minutes can be lots of fun!


Persuasive Speech


This is the final speech of the semester. Student will perform a persuasive speech of 8 –10 minutes. Topics we will be researched and your speech must contain at least 5 spoken citations and two visual aids, one of which is a PowerPoint presentation.